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As a Student

We look forward to helping students like you who are considering continuing education in the Technology field.

As a Mentee

Are you looking for guidance in your career or dream job and a safe place to discuss ideas?

As a Volunteer

Would you like to be a Friend of NIA? Please come and Volunteer with us and contribute to its growth.

As a Mentor

Are you someone  who would like to pay-it-forward and support the next generation of  innovators?


This is available to help students pay for their education. Student aid is up to 25% of the total school fees and it is  awarded based on the applicant’s need. If interested please consult the admission office fore further clarifications.

The team works with students from NIA both before and after they graduate, and they can get guidance on matters like: Employment Assistance, Recommendations, Internships,  Resume Writing,  Interviewing Techniques,  Salary Negotiation Skills. Read More …

We encourage you to use your talents to earn regular income as a student, Acquire skills for self-reliance, Become an entrepreneur for financial freedom and Excel academically. Read More ,..

Our College is New YetThrough Our "NiwezesheLab" foundation We have:-

Trained 3000 Students
Incubated 30 Ideas
2 Awards Winning
5 Registered Companies

What's happening on campus?

NLab Innovation Academy  is not only a place that supports self-discovery, Innovation and unbounded curiosity, it is a place that invites active participation in and among its community. You have endless connections waiting to be made inside the Campus and out of the Campus.   Click here To APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAMS 


Read what current beneficiaries for both our College (NLab Innovation Academy) and the alumni for our foundation (NiwezesheLab) have to say about their  experience.

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