Our Core Values

The values of NLab Innovation Academy provide the foundation for all our activities, these values focuses on the development of an institution which is sustainable, ant they are as follows:-


Treating our students and all the stakeholders with respect regardless their abilities and gander allows us to demonstrate the professionalism that is expected from them.


We emphasize on treating each person with dignity and respect, for it helps to facilitate and encourage a cooperative team environment while at campus even at work.

Innovativeness and Creativity

We foster an environment that nurtures innovation and creativity, by encourage our students to take cautious risks and precautions while thinking on how to approach things.

Team Work

We are striving to make all our stakeholders understand how important it is to embrace diversity, working in teams and to understand others despite of their differences.

Honesty and Integrity

We teach our students to believe in honesty, Openness, trust, respect and reliability in whatever they are doing in and out of Campus, and being accountable for their actions.

Excellence in performance

We at NLab Innovation Academy strive to be the best at the services we offer to all our stakeholders in and out of Tanzania, with the intentions of leading by example,

Equal opportunity

We work to eliminate barriers that inhibit individuals from attaining equal access to employment and education, fail to contribute and participate to their fullest potential.

How can we help you?

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I chose NLab Innovation Academy because of the many options it offers for combining Information Technology with other fields.

Paul Clement
Founder & Student, NIA

My experience NIA was amazing. I learned quite a lot of things, I’ve built a strong relationship with my mentorS, trainers and we try to keep in touch from time to time.

Sharon Kabika
Photographer , Kabika Photograph