Message from our Principal

Welcome to NLab Innovation Academy, an affordable, high-quality College where student learning is the focus of everything we do.

Whether you are just visiting our website out of curiosity or planning a visit to our College, you will discover that NLab Innovation Academy is unique in so many different ways compared to other colleges.

One critical element of Design Thinking is empathy, which is to understand what your customers are looking for in their interaction with you which involves understanding who they are, where they are coming from, what their stories are. At NIA, we try to understand every one without minding their historical background in academics or financially.

We seek to enroll students with big dreams who will lead intellectually vigorous and productive lives to succeed, serve their communities, and lead.

We are committed to introducing our students to “A World of Opportunity and therefore I call upon all our students, staff and visitors to be positive all the time, to take any challenge around them as an opportunity.

We are excited by the future which NLab Innovation Academy together with the government and other stakeholders are trying to build. In our part, we will do our best, we will do whatever we can to make our students the best among the best in the Country.


We strive to make young people of all abilities confident and creative builders of their future by empowering them with the necessary skills and promoting the culture of innovation for self reliance.
Wilhelm Caspar Oddo
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I chose NLab Innovation Academy because of the many options it offers for combining Information Technology with other fields.

Paul Clement
Founder & Student, NIA

My experience NIA was amazing. I learned quite a lot of things, I’ve built a strong relationship with my mentorS, trainers and we try to keep in touch from time to time.

Sharon Kabika
Photographer , Kabika Photograph

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