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I chose NLab Innovation Academy because of the many options it offers for combining Information Technology with other fields.

Paul Clement
Founder & Student, NIA

My experience NIA was amazing. I learned quite a lot of things, I’ve built a strong relationship with my mentorS, trainers and we try to keep in touch from time to time.

Sharon Kabika
Photographer , Kabika Photograph

I feel like I am very lucky and blessed to be mentored by Wilhelm Caspar Oddo. 2019 has been a year of transition for me, I have learned allot and with these learning I have achieved allot.

Happie Faraj
Founder & CEO, HappieToon Co. LTD

Thank you very much for giving me this potential opportunity. It was a golden opportunity for me to be mentored by Niwezeshe Foundation.

Gloria Kaguo
Program Manager, STEAM Rockies

Every day, when I walk NIA’s front doors, no matter what mood I’m in or what happened to me earlier, NIA has always found a way to put a smile on my face. The people around are very friendly including my Teachers.

Raymond Benedict
Founder & Trainer, HIMT Awards

There are so many reasons why NLab is my favorite place to be. Having been at this program for 3 years, I feel as though we are all one big family. All of the teachers, mentors act as parents and guide us throughout our learning.

Emmanuel Minja
Managing Director, iFlush

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