Working Together: Students Teaching Students#StudentsAsTeachers


What if I can’t understand anything from my teacher? She talk too fast and instead of showing us how to solve the problem she tell us how to do it. I’m a visual learner so it’s hard for me to understand something without seeing it.

We at NIA feels that Students teaching students is a model that guides students with ownership of their own learning as well as providing interaction that enhances learning therefore we involve students not only as receivers of the instruction, but also as deliverers of the instruction.

The model does not only benefit those students who are being taught, but it also benefits the students who are teaching.  This Modal also helps maintain a high level of interest so that students stay engaged.  Furthermore, students improve socially.  Students build their confidence and improve their self-image not only from learning from their peers, but also from teaching others.

We believe that the model provides our College an atmosphere that is positive and compassionate. Students learns to help each other and lift each other up, they are not only reaping the academic benefits, but they are also reaping social and emotional benefits.

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I chose NLab Innovation Academy because of the many options it offers for combining Information Technology with other fields.

Paul Clement
Founder & Student, NIA

My experience NIA was amazing. I learned quite a lot of things, I’ve built a strong relationship with my mentorS, trainers and we try to keep in touch from time to time.

Sharon Kabika
Photographer , Kabika Photograph

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